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The Sufficiency of Scripture


Imagine this scenario in your local church: A 70-year-old Christian man (who has never been married) and an 18-year-old Christian woman (who has never been married) want to marry each other. You immediately assume that......

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Does The Bible Literally Describe God?


What is the difference between an equivocal, analogical, or univocal description of God? And why does this matter?...

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Christian Responsibility and Mosaic Law


What are Christians to do with the Old Testament law? Some think we should be living more intentionally according to the tenets of the Torah (the Hebrew word for law, commandment, or statute); most are simply ignorant as to why their food, clothes, and lives should not more closely approximate the forms of the Old Testament. So, what are we to do? ...

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Aristotle, Virtue Ethics, and Sanctification


In his famous work, Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle, explains how to grow in virtue. Now, why would Christians care about what some pagan philosopher has to say about virtue? Well, his view of growing in virtue (or what Christians might call “holiness”) is surprisingly similar to what the Bible says regarding holiness. ...

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Does Physical Abuse Constitute Grounds for Divorce?


Over the past several months, domestic abuse has been on the front burner of evangelical thought. All condemn abuse as sinful and wicked. All desire to help. But beyond a shared sense of sympathy and compassion, it seems that pastors and churches cannot agree on how exactly to answer this particular question: Does the physically abused spouse have biblical grounds for divo...

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Is Emotional or Spiritual Abandonment Grounds For Divorce?

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In 1 Corinthians 7:15, Paul writes that abandonment provides biblical grounds for divorce. But what exactly constitutes abandonment in Paul's context? Is it solely physical desertion, or could it also refer to things like emotional, spiritual, or mental abandonment?...

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Is Viewing Pornography Grounds for Divorce?

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Jesus says that looking at a woman with lustful intent is adultery. Elsewhere, Jesus permits individuals to divorce their spouse if their spouse has committed (you guessed it) adultery. So then, does this mean that you can divorce your spouse if they look at (or have an addiction to) pornography? ...

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The Idol of Idolatry


Many in mainstream Evangelicalism have not only misunderstood what idolatry is, but actually have an idol of idolatry. For many church leaders and church members, almost anything and everything is made out to be an idol. Let me explain:...

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Paying the Piper


Few people have had such a lasting effect on my life and ministry as a man I have only known from a distance...

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Romans and the New Perspective on Paul


Right now, The Parkway Church is going through the grand-daddy, Jedi Master, SEAL Team Six of New Testament theological epistles—the book of Romans. But are there places where we might be misreading Romans because we are reading our presuppositions back onto the text? ...

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