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Where We Meet

The Parkway Church is a people, not a building.

On Sundays, we gather at 5600 Virginia Parkway, in McKinney, TX. But, this is not the only time or place we gather. Unfortunately, Western culture tends to divide life into two realms: the secular (normal/typical/non-religious) and the sacred (supernatural/spiritual/extra-ordinary). This sort of thinking has crept into how we often think of the church—wherein people consider Sunday church services, praying, and Christmas sacred, while eating dinner with friends, watching a football game, and buying groceries are secular. This thinking is false, and it creates a false understanding of Christianity...(more)

 We gather every Sunday for our Weekend Service at 10:30a.


Mar 26

Theological Equipping Class

Mar 26

Weekend Service

Mar 26

Youth (Middle School & High School)