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Bad Theology Kills


Turn on the news and you will see that bad theology kills. Literally. In 1978 nearly 1000 people died by mass suicide in Jonestown, Guyana as part of Jim Joneses “Peoples Temple.” In 1993, nearly 100 people died in Waco in the aftermath of......

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Christmas Myths!


Christmas time is upon us! It is a time to celebrate Christ! Though Christmas has a lot of other fun perks (such as caroling, buying gifts, decorating the tree, and fighting people in the parking lot of Walmart for the best deals)......

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Bible Reading Plans


With each new year come new resolutions. While the end of the year is not the only time for introspection, it certainly affords a natural opportunity to examine ourselves and see how we are doing in our pursuit of Christ......

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Are Christmas and Easter Pagan Holidays?


I wonder what percentage of the Internet is actually good and helpful and true. This thought occurs to me each time I encounter the common criticism that Christmas and Easter have pagan origins. Such claims are plastered online and used in a philosophical sleight of hand to conclude that Christianity is rooted in paganism......

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Jesus Christ and Pagan Parallels


Internet sites abound with alleged similarities between the events of the New Testament narrative, in particular the person and work of Jesus Christ, and ancient mythological accounts of gods......

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An Engagement Ring and the Gift of Christ


Nearly five years have past since I proposed to Kaci and gave her a ring. Occasionally I will still catch her staring at it and smiling. I love those brief moments......

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A Theology of Community


We live in a culture that tends to emphasize the individual. We have individual rights, individual opinions, and individual freedoms. We can buy our groceries without ever interacting with another human being......

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Making The Best Use Of The Time


Last night at the dinner table my nearly-fifteen-year-old son was trying to explain how he wanted to rearrange the furniture in his room......

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A Taste For Sushi And Scripture


I had sushi for the first time at the age of 34 at a little café overlooking Mount Fuji. I never would have ordered it myself, but my friend’s Japanese father-in-law ordered it and I didn’t want to be offensive......

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The Good News of Resurrection and Repentance


What gospel did the apostles preach? The answer may surprise you....

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