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Paying the Piper


Few people have had such a lasting effect on my life and ministry as a man I have only known from a distance...

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Romans and the New Perspective on Paul


Right now, The Parkway Church is going through the grand-daddy, Jedi Master, SEAL Team Six of New Testament theological epistles—the book of Romans. But are there places where we might be misreading Romans because we are reading our presuppositions back onto the text? ...

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Thoughts on Depression, Anxiety, and Condemnation


For most of my adult life I have struggled with anxiety, depression, and the constant, nagging feeling of condemnation. This is not uncommon for Christians...

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Tying the Table to the Text: How the Sermon Serves the Supper


Every text of Scripture that you preach should lead to the gospel...

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8 Things the Bible Says About How We Should Dress in Church


What you believe about hats, or capris, or sandals is not as important as what you believe about the Trinity, the resurrection, or the hypostatic union. And yet, if all of the Bible is equally inspired, it is important to consider how the Bible addresses what we wear in worship. ...

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Misconceptions About Community Groups


Groups have many names. They’re called home groups, small groups, cell groups, D-groups, home teams, life groups, fight clubs, and many others. Here at Parkway we call them “Community Groups.” The first time I visited a community group, I didn’t know what to expect. Was I going to have to tell all my sins to total strangers? ...

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The Kingdom Gospel Story


Once upon a time, there was a good King with an expansive kingdom. Because the King was a good ruler, everything functioned well in his kingdom. There was no sickness, no death, no injustice, no dishonesty......

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Should Christians Tithe?


To tithe or not to tithe? That is the question…or at least a good question. And how we answer leads to other questions: Gross or net? What if in debt? Should we give 10% of everything, including Christmas presents, birthday gifts, and tax refunds? Do we have to give to a local church or can we just give to whomever we choose?...

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Calvin Killed a Man

Michael_Servetus copy

Tomorrow, October 27, marks the 464th anniversary of the execution of Michael Servetus for the crime of heresy. Given that this occurred within Geneva, the home of the Reformer, John Calvin, with his knowledge and consent, many have perceived this incident as a mark against his life and ministry. ...

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Can Christians Celebrate Halloween?


For many, Halloween is just about friends, fun, and candy. For others, Halloween is about something darker. Every October, someone asks me whether or not Christians can celebrate Halloween due to the pagan elements in the holiday. I think that is a fair question......

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