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The Kingdom Gospel Story


Once upon a time, there was a good King with an expansive kingdom. Because the King was a good ruler, everything functioned well in his kingdom. There was no sickness, no death, no injustice, no dishonesty......

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Should Christians Tithe?


To tithe or not to tithe? That is the question…or at least a good question. And how we answer leads to other questions: Gross or net? What if in debt? Should we give 10% of everything, including Christmas presents, birthday gifts, and tax refunds? Do we have to give to a local church or can we just give to whomever we choose?...

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Calvin Killed a Man

Michael_Servetus copy

Tomorrow, October 27, marks the 464th anniversary of the execution of Michael Servetus for the crime of heresy. Given that this occurred within Geneva, the home of the Reformer, John Calvin, with his knowledge and consent, many have perceived this incident as a mark against his life and ministry. ...

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Can Christians Celebrate Halloween?


For many, Halloween is just about friends, fun, and candy. For others, Halloween is about something darker. Every October, someone asks me whether or not Christians can celebrate Halloween due to the pagan elements in the holiday. I think that is a fair question......

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Making Sense of Slavery in the Scriptures


There is a popular argument that goes something like this: The Bible allows for slavery. Slavery is intrinsically immoral. Therefore, Scripture allows for something intrinsically immoral. Such syllogisms sting a bit. So, what are we to do with the fact that no definitive disapproval of slavery is explicitly expressed in the Scriptures?...

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How Do I Actually Disciple My Wife?


“Pursue your wife.”“Men are called to shepherd their home.”“Lead your wife spiritually.” These, and phrases like them, get thrown around in evangelicalism so much that they begin to lose their meaning. What does it actually mean to “lead your wife?” What does it actually mean to “shepherd” her?...

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Should I Take Communion Before Being Baptized?


The question of taking communion before partaking in baptism might sound silly to some. While it doesn't arise much in Presbyterian, Methodist or other paedobaptist traditions, it certainly comes up within churches that practice believer's baptism. So, how might we think through a proper response...

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Does God Have “Feelings?”


This fall we began our study of the Doctrine of God in our Theological Equipping Class. One of the most misunderstood attributes of God is what theologians call God’s “impassability.” To be “passible” means to be acted upon, to be movable, to experience pain, or to have “passions.” So to say that God is “impassable” means that God does not have feelings o...

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Going To The Source


What does Scripture say you are to do when you have a criticism or complaint against another in the church? When you have been offended or insulted or slandered or otherwise possess any semblance of cause for concern?...

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Anselm, Unicorns, and the Ontological Argument

blog unicorn

This fall we begin our study on the doctrine of God in our Theological Equipping Class. Our first lesson is on the traditional “proofs” for God’s existence. One of the more well known arguments or proofs for God’s existence is called the “Ontological Argument.” Despite the Ontological Argument’s helpfulness in arguing for the existence of God, it is often mis...

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