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Does Baptism Save You?


I have been baptized 6 times. If that sounds crazy to you, you are right; it is crazy. This blog aims to answer my questions which remained unanswered for so long; it might even help some of you avoid being baptized for a second, third, or seventh time. ...

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Should Christians Take Medication for Anxiety and Depression?


This question is at the center of a big debate going on in Evangelicalism; much ink has been spilled over whether or not Christians could/should use medication to help battle anxiety and depression. On one end of the spectrum......

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Does The Bible Literally Describe God?


What is the difference between an equivocal, analogical, or univocal description of God? And why does this matter?...

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Aristotle, Virtue Ethics, and Sanctification


In his famous work, Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle, explains how to grow in virtue. Now, why would Christians care about what some pagan philosopher has to say about virtue? Well, his view of growing in virtue (or what Christians might call “holiness”) is surprisingly similar to what the Bible says regarding holiness. ...

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The Idol of Idolatry


Many in mainstream Evangelicalism have not only misunderstood what idolatry is, but actually have an idol of idolatry. For many church leaders and church members, almost anything and everything is made out to be an idol. Let me explain:...

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Romans and the New Perspective on Paul


Right now, The Parkway Church is going through the grand-daddy, Jedi Master, SEAL Team Six of New Testament theological epistles—the book of Romans. But are there places where we might be misreading Romans because we are reading our presuppositions back onto the text? ...

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Thoughts on Depression, Anxiety, and Condemnation


For most of my adult life I have struggled with anxiety, depression, and the constant, nagging feeling of condemnation. This is not uncommon for Christians...

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8 Things the Bible Says About How We Should Dress in Church


What you believe about hats, or capris, or sandals is not as important as what you believe about the Trinity, the resurrection, or the hypostatic union. And yet, if all of the Bible is equally inspired, it is important to consider how the Bible addresses what we wear in worship. ...

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Misconceptions About Community Groups


Groups have many names. They’re called home groups, small groups, cell groups, D-groups, home teams, life groups, fight clubs, and many others. Here at Parkway we call them “Community Groups.” The first time I visited a community group, I didn’t know what to expect. Was I going to have to tell all my sins to total strangers? ...

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The Kingdom Gospel Story


Once upon a time, there was a good King with an expansive kingdom. Because the King was a good ruler, everything functioned well in his kingdom. There was no sickness, no death, no injustice, no dishonesty......

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Can Christians Celebrate Halloween?


For many, Halloween is just about friends, fun, and candy. For others, Halloween is about something darker. Every October, someone asks me whether or not Christians can celebrate Halloween due to the pagan elements in the holiday. I think that is a fair question......

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How Do I Actually Disciple My Wife?


“Pursue your wife.”“Men are called to shepherd their home.”“Lead your wife spiritually.” These, and phrases like them, get thrown around in evangelicalism so much that they begin to lose their meaning. What does it actually mean to “lead your wife?” What does it actually mean to “shepherd” her?...

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Does God Have “Feelings?”


This fall we began our study of the Doctrine of God in our Theological Equipping Class. One of the most misunderstood attributes of God is what theologians call God’s “impassability.” To be “passible” means to be acted upon, to be movable, to experience pain, or to have “passions.” So to say that God is “impassable” means that God does not have feelings o...

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Anselm, Unicorns, and the Ontological Argument

blog unicorn

This fall we begin our study on the doctrine of God in our Theological Equipping Class. Our first lesson is on the traditional “proofs” for God’s existence. One of the more well known arguments or proofs for God’s existence is called the “Ontological Argument.” Despite the Ontological Argument’s helpfulness in arguing for the existence of God, it is often mis...

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Is Generational Sin a Real Thing?


Years ago I remember speaking to a lady in Georgia who was troubled about something known as “generational sin” or a “generational curse.” She was concerned that her life might have some type of hex or curse on it because there had been so much sin in her family......

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The Church and Israel


Who are God’s chosen people? Israel, the church, or both? What should we think about the nation of Israel today? Is a Jew who doesn’t believe in Jesus still in a saving, covenant relationship with God? Does God have a separate plan for Israel than he does for the church? Should promises made to Israel in the Old Testament be applied to the church today?...

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Is a Christian a “Sinner?”


On the one hand there are people who are surprised when they (or other Christians) sin because they assume that, since they are in Christ, they should be able to live a near-perfect life. On the other hand, are those who see their own depravity clearly but fail to realize that their identity is in Christ’s successes and not in their failures....

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Fighting the Bonds of Legalism


I know that there are many Christians, like myself, who struggle with trying to earn God’s favor (which is how I’m defining “legalism” in this post). I know my identity is not as a legalist but as an adopted child of God. However, as a perfectionist who grew up in a church that didn’t properly teach about grace, I’m always striving to earn God’s favor... ...

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Annihilating Annihilationism


Let’s talk about everyone’s favorite topic…hell! I’m obviously kidding. I know that talking about hell is literally the worst thing we can talk about. But the Bible talks about it so, from time to time, we need to as well....

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How Can Jesus Be “Begotten?”


One of the most popular verses in the Bible, John 3:16, says, “For God so loved the world that he gave his only (fill in the blank) Son…” Many of us are used to saying “begotten” because of the influence the King James translation has had on our thinking; but, what does it mean that Jesus is “begotten?”...

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Exegetical Listening


As anyone who has ever been in an argument knows, communication is a two-way street. I remember coming home from work one day and, as I began to talk to my wife, I could tell she was having a bad day. “What’s wrong?” I asked her. In an attempt to say that she looked both “frowny” and “grumpy,” I accidentally......

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Christmas Myths!


Christmas time is upon us! It is a time to celebrate Christ! Though Christmas has a lot of other fun perks (such as caroling, buying gifts, decorating the tree, and fighting people in the parking lot of Walmart for the best deals)......

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A Theology of Community


We live in a culture that tends to emphasize the individual. We have individual rights, individual opinions, and individual freedoms. We can buy our groceries without ever interacting with another human being......

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