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Moving Beyond “Did You Have Fun?”


“Did you have fun?” I have heard parents ask their children this question literally thousands of times. I’ve asked it of my own kids as well; it’s a pretty standard question when reuniting with them after being separated for some activity or function. It’s often used deftly as an icebreaker to begin a conversation with your kids about their experience......

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Raising Children in a Hypersexualized Culture


Today’s American culture is what some might call “hypersexualized”. Sex is everywhere. It’s on billboards, television, the magazines in the checkout line at the grocery store, even in our public schools. There is almost nowhere......

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Alone and In Charge


Every morning, thousands and thousands of people commute to work. They eat a hasty breakfast, clamber into their cars, and drive - often alone - to their various destinations. These commutes can often take 30 minutes or more. They do this every day......

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Making The Best Use Of The Time


Last night at the dinner table my nearly-fifteen-year-old son was trying to explain how he wanted to rearrange the furniture in his room......

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