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Christian Responsibility and Mosaic Law


What are Christians to do with the Old Testament law? Some think we should be living more intentionally according to the tenets of the Torah (the Hebrew word for law, commandment, or statute); most are simply ignorant as to why their food, clothes, and lives should not more closely approximate the forms of the Old Testament. So, what are we to do? ...

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Paying the Piper


Few people have had such a lasting effect on my life and ministry as a man I have only known from a distance...

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Tying the Table to the Text: How the Sermon Serves the Supper


Every text of Scripture that you preach should lead to the gospel...

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Should Christians Tithe?


To tithe or not to tithe? That is the question…or at least a good question. And how we answer leads to other questions: Gross or net? What if in debt? Should we give 10% of everything, including Christmas presents, birthday gifts, and tax refunds? Do we have to give to a local church or can we just give to whomever we choose?...

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Calvin Killed a Man

Michael_Servetus copy

Tomorrow, October 27, marks the 464th anniversary of the execution of Michael Servetus for the crime of heresy. Given that this occurred within Geneva, the home of the Reformer, John Calvin, with his knowledge and consent, many have perceived this incident as a mark against his life and ministry. ...

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Making Sense of Slavery in the Scriptures


There is a popular argument that goes something like this: The Bible allows for slavery. Slavery is intrinsically immoral. Therefore, Scripture allows for something intrinsically immoral. Such syllogisms sting a bit. So, what are we to do with the fact that no definitive disapproval of slavery is explicitly expressed in the Scriptures?...

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Should I Take Communion Before Being Baptized?


The question of taking communion before partaking in baptism might sound silly to some. While it doesn't arise much in Presbyterian, Methodist or other paedobaptist traditions, it certainly comes up within churches that practice believer's baptism. So, how might we think through a proper response...

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Going To The Source


What does Scripture say you are to do when you have a criticism or complaint against another in the church? When you have been offended or insulted or slandered or otherwise possess any semblance of cause for concern?...

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Did Jesus Descend Into Hell?

jesus hell

Many liturgical traditions faithfully recite the Apostles Creed as part of their regular worship services, and very few even less-liturgical local churches would have any concerns whatsoever in professing the vast majority of the clauses included in the creed. But the statement, “He descended to hell” causes a great many today to pause as they reflect upon the creed. D...

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Why Covenant Membership?


Words like duty and promise, pledges and vows, oaths and formal agreements seem like concepts from the distant past. Contemporary Western cultures are enthralled by choice and committed primarily to the preservation of the freedom to withdraw, move on, reconsider and renegotiate. We are faithful to our spouses until fidelity is uncomfortable and inconvenient. We are loyal ...

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What Happens To Infants When They Die?

pexels-photo (41)

Apart from Christ, all mankind is spiritually dead, enslaved to passions and desires of the flesh, and "by nature children of wrath." One of the common questions that rises out of this understanding of man's innate and devastating depravity is how this doctrine applies to infants (and those with certain developmental disabilities). In particular, does this mean that infant...

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Sovereign Over the Small Stuff


This past weekend we looked at Ephesians 1:3-10 and encountered the mammoth theological concept of predestination. Predestination is but one facet of God's sovereignty. God's sovereignty in general refers to His rule and reign over all things, whereas predestination typically refers to His rule in the realm of salvation....

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Exploring Ephesians

Ephesians Words Right Just 2

Having concluded our march through Mark and brief excursive on Ecclesiology, The Parkway Church is ready to jump back into another book study. This Sunday (April 23) we will begin our six-month exposition of Ephesians....

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Why We Have Multiple Preachers In Our Regular Rotation


Visitors to The Parkway Church may be surprised to find a rotation of men regularly preaching in our weekly gathering with no one person preaching the majority of the time. While this is neither the evangelical norm nor an explicit biblical mandate, we believe this rhythm provides us a better opportunity to minister to our people......

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A World of Words


“I don’t know. Who knows how words are formed?” -Michael Gary Scott, “The Office” How are words formed? Unfortunately, many of us cannot give a much more helpful answer than Dunder Mifflin's Regional Manager....

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The Scars We’re Slow to Show


To this day, I am scared of the water because of Jaws. There is a powerful scene on the Orca where Quint, Brody and Hooper are showing scars and swapping stories. The setting is buoyant and cheerful as each scar is revealed and story rehearsed from sheets of skin and bone......

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Making Sense of Melchizedek


What’s the deal with Melchizedek? A seemingly small Old Testament character with a profound legacy. Though he appears in only 3 books of the Bible (2 Old Testament and 1 New Testament), his influence is incredible......

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An Offering From Plate to Pulpit


Behind every cultural custom or religious ritual is a story. Some of these stories are older and more established than others. Perhaps surprisingly, some of the seemingly time-honored traditions that we hold dear as 21st century believers are fairly modern innovations......

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A Church by any Other Name


With all due literary respect to Mr. Shakespeare, names are significant. Building a case for the importance of a name is somewhat simple. From the initial naming of creation in Genesis to the new name the faithful receive in Revelation, Scripture emphasizes the importance of a name......

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Bad Theology Kills


Turn on the news and you will see that bad theology kills. Literally. In 1978 nearly 1000 people died by mass suicide in Jonestown, Guyana as part of Jim Joneses “Peoples Temple.” In 1993, nearly 100 people died in Waco in the aftermath of......

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Bible Reading Plans


With each new year come new resolutions. While the end of the year is not the only time for introspection, it certainly affords a natural opportunity to examine ourselves and see how we are doing in our pursuit of Christ......

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Are Christmas and Easter Pagan Holidays?


I wonder what percentage of the Internet is actually good and helpful and true. This thought occurs to me each time I encounter the common criticism that Christmas and Easter have pagan origins. Such claims are plastered online and used in a philosophical sleight of hand to conclude that Christianity is rooted in paganism......

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Jesus Christ and Pagan Parallels


Internet sites abound with alleged similarities between the events of the New Testament narrative, in particular the person and work of Jesus Christ, and ancient mythological accounts of gods......

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An Engagement Ring and the Gift of Christ


Nearly five years have past since I proposed to Kaci and gave her a ring. Occasionally I will still catch her staring at it and smiling. I love those brief moments......

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A Taste For Sushi And Scripture


I had sushi for the first time at the age of 34 at a little café overlooking Mount Fuji. I never would have ordered it myself, but my friend’s Japanese father-in-law ordered it and I didn’t want to be offensive......

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The Good News of Resurrection and Repentance


What gospel did the apostles preach? The answer may surprise you....

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Giving Birth To Hope

Early Dawnsmll

One year ago this month, my wife showed me two lines on a stick that forever changed my life. At 37 years old I was going to be a father......

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