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Making Sense of Slavery in the Scriptures


There is a popular argument that goes something like this: The Bible allows for slavery. Slavery is intrinsically immoral. Therefore, Scripture allows for something intrinsically immoral. Such syllogisms sting a bit. So, what are we to do with the fact that no definitive disapproval of slavery is explicitly expressed in the Scriptures?...

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How Do I Actually Disciple My Wife?


“Pursue your wife.”“Men are called to shepherd their home.”“Lead your wife spiritually.” These, and phrases like them, get thrown around in evangelicalism so much that they begin to lose their meaning. What does it actually mean to “lead your wife?” What does it actually mean to “shepherd” her?...

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Should I Take Communion Before Being Baptized?


The question of taking communion before partaking in baptism might sound silly to some. While it doesn't arise much in Presbyterian, Methodist or other paedobaptist traditions, it certainly comes up within churches that practice believer's baptism. So, how might we think through a proper response...

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