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What Happens To Infants When They Die?

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Apart from Christ, all mankind is spiritually dead, enslaved to passions and desires of the flesh, and "by nature children of wrath." One of the common questions that rises out of this understanding of man's innate and devastating depravity is how this doctrine applies to infants (and those with certain developmental disabilities). In particular, does this mean that infant...

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Is a Christian a “Sinner?”


On the one hand there are people who are surprised when they (or other Christians) sin because they assume that, since they are in Christ, they should be able to live a near-perfect life. On the other hand, are those who see their own depravity clearly but fail to realize that their identity is in Christ’s successes and not in their failures....

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Why We Limit The Number Of Songs We Sing


When your entire list of songs is full of really rich, useful, and well-written songs, new songs don’t have to be introduced as often as you may think. And if the congregation actually knows what the goal of singing in the corporate gathering is, songs don’t have to be phased out every time a new worship album is released......

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Sovereign Over the Small Stuff


This past weekend we looked at Ephesians 1:3-10 and encountered the mammoth theological concept of predestination. Predestination is but one facet of God's sovereignty. God's sovereignty in general refers to His rule and reign over all things, whereas predestination typically refers to His rule in the realm of salvation....

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