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A Church by any Other Name


With all due literary respect to Mr. Shakespeare, names are significant. Building a case for the importance of a name is somewhat simple. From the initial naming of creation in Genesis to the new name the faithful receive in Revelation, Scripture emphasizes the importance of a name......

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Exegetical Listening


As anyone who has ever been in an argument knows, communication is a two-way street. I remember coming home from work one day and, as I began to talk to my wife, I could tell she was having a bad day. “What’s wrong?” I asked her. In an attempt to say that she looked both “frowny” and “grumpy,” I accidentally......

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Alone and In Charge


Every morning, thousands and thousands of people commute to work. They eat a hasty breakfast, clamber into their cars, and drive - often alone - to their various destinations. These commutes can often take 30 minutes or more. They do this every day......

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Bad Theology Kills


Turn on the news and you will see that bad theology kills. Literally. In 1978 nearly 1000 people died by mass suicide in Jonestown, Guyana as part of Jim Joneses “Peoples Temple.” In 1993, nearly 100 people died in Waco in the aftermath of......

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